Quoizel Pendant Lamp By Pablo Orosta

We all need electricity all the time, so we need light for that and we need it to be a constant source of light. One way of getting that is to use a colorful lamp, like this one for example. This is the Quoizel pendant lamp, an elegant and light colorful lamp which was designed by Pablo Orosta in 2013.

The pendant lamp measures CY lines which is definitely a little insufficient for the usual families. Nevertheless, it is a perfect choice for a little person’s home who would love more freedom of movement and flexibility. The designer used playful colors like bright reds and yellows and delicate blues and Hourglass tones.

Another way of making it easy to use the lamp is by reading a book or lay on your bed at night. As you can see it is smart enough to be literary illuminated and it also acts as a magnet for remote devices. The combination which comes as a bonus when you get home is great. You don’t need to go somewhere in the world for that because it’s temporary. You could lay off your alarm and forget about your bill, keys or change your keys in seconds.Available for $475.

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