Penthouse Games

Picking a penthouse design has never been easier. Today we’re constantly learning about the possibilities and also about the advantages and disadvantages that come with each project. Today we’re here to showcase a few penthouse designs with quickly-changing designs. The penthouse pictured has an ocean-inspired interior and the atmosphere is calm and soothing.

This bachelor loft could be our top favorite. Designed by Studio Space, this place has an airy and spacious interior and, more than that, very soothing and it’s the key to creating a highly attractive design. The tall vaulted ceilings add a plus of sophistication to this space and allow the light to reflect off the high ceiling and onto the adjacent walls. The main focus is definitely the social areas like the living room and open kitchen. The kitchen, dining and living spaces are separated by a fireplace which, despite looking quite large, has actually a tubular build and doesn’t separate the spaces from one another.

The master bedroom occupies a strategically-placed glass extension of the kitchen. It stands on an elevated platform and its role is partially to maximize the views without obstructing the space and to bring the outdoors in. In addition, the clear glass walls help to create the simple and airy feel of a resort.

Penthouse Games Photo 3

The suite also includes a bathroom with a skylight which complements the minimalistic design. The tub is strategically placed in plain sight and out of the way.

There’s also a guest bedroom, a home office and the garage, a ground floor dedicated to the social spaces such as the kitchen, dining area and living space. Upstairs there’s a master bedroom and a sitting area, a space which can accommodate four people and which opened up to the backyard and outdoor living areas. In addition, the wooden beams feature a beautiful playfulness which fits the house in a wonderful way.

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