Orlando To Tennessee’s Apartment

Well known for it’s contemporary designs and products, Italian company Oro has introduced yet another marvelous apartment to the world. The studio has designed the interior of this contemporary residence located in Treviso, Italy. The main advantage is location. It’s situated right in the center of Treviso and the surrounding buildings are entire. However, the name had been cleverly chosen. It allows the designers to create a stylish but also rustic and even a little rough around the edge.

The loft has also got a luxurious feel. As you might have guesses, the name of this project is “veneer p Sauletta”. This simple explanation is explained by the leather and metal combinations. The loft is separated from the apartment by a glass wall. This feature offers privacy and allows it to be an open space without being interrupted by walls or dividers. The apartment features large windows that offer views of the courtyard and the outside world, revealing green spots, relaxing nooks and elegant interior decors. During the day, the glass wall offers natural light all day flooding in and the views are extraordinary.

The bedroom is particularly stylish. It has a fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows that capture the entire surrounding landscape. The room is separated from the balcony by glass walls that create a panorama of green. The bedroom has a pair of walk-in closets similar to walk-in closets. The bathroom also has an oval tub. There’s also a separate shower, functionally partitions the apartment floor and allows the space to be used as a secondary bathroom.

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