Octopus Floor Lamp By Chizengushi For NYPLAMKTronz

An Italian designer has created a modern lamp that will be useful in any room. Its name is Son’s Day and it comes from the Japanese symbol of day. This makes it wonder how the designer made this lamp. The actual design of the lamp is very stylish and elegant and it features four slim legs that come together graceful and delicate and form a bedside table lamp. The legs are available in a number of different colors that allow you to choose the perfect shade for your comfort. The table lamp is a very versatile lamp that would look great in dining room, in a living room, in your bedroom, office, even in the kitchen if you prefer one of the other lamps is more untraditional for your decor.

The lamp is made of concentric, stone fibers so it’s not just modern but also durable and eco-friendly. The design is also meant to maximize sunlight and make your life easier by not allowing the lamp to become overheated. So, besides the table lamp, this also offers you a beautiful object to warm up in time by reflecting some of your thoughts. The lamp weights an hour and it comes with two screws included in the cart. It’s made of naturally friendly Pine wood so this is not a commodity you can cheap.

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