Modern Divans By Massimiliano Setini

In the past there has been a long time when the mixing of styles has been all the rage in terms of innovative and interesting ways. Nowadays we are concentrating more on the use of the unconventional as much as on the design and materials. However there are designers that are more than able to turn this trend in the modern and give it a contemporary twist. These are the “Maraya stools”.

Designed by Massimiliano Setini, the Maraya stools are manufactured by the Italian company called Matter. This particular piece of furniture was designed to be used in restaurants and other public spaces. Is supposed to be the ideal piece to be used outdoors, to offer drink suggestions, to serve food from a comfortable seated basis, to create a welcoming ambiance and to add an interesting detail to the design.

Modern Divans By Massimiliano Setini Photo 4

The Maraya stools are produced in various sizes and designs. The base can be made of concrete, aluminum or concrete material, the seat is solid aluminum and the base can have multiple different colors, creating numerous variations. You can now purchase the Maraya stools at the special price of $1,850 (or $1,119). In order to be able to see the intricate pattern through these items is a little bit tricky.They are indeed made by carving out tiny triangles into the wood with the help of some screws.

Modern Divans By Massimiliano Setini Photo 5

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