Luxury Cabinet Hardware From Meezy

For those who are looking for an elegant and sophisticated look for their home there are some options to take into consideration. This luxury cabinet hardware is exactly what you need for this style. It’s an elegant and good-looking piece of furniture that would look wonderful in a modern or even classical setting. It features a high-quality and durable doors system, a keyhole fastener and carrot handles. The modern finishes are applied in stainless steel. All the hardware is mirror images to the design and the overall appeal is given by the overall sophistication and elegance of the piece.

The Meezer cabinet is a limited edition product and this means that there is potential for distributing the products in various countries as well as other countries. This unit features intricate details that make this piece stand out and look appealing. It’s available in both bronze and black. The top mount drawers are removable and they lock in a 360° approach. The bottom of the drawers have two knobs which are very practical if you’re placing this cabinet by the window. The frame of this cabinet hardwire construction is powder coated aluminum and has an extremely sturdy construction.

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