Lift Up Table With Lift Function And Storage Compartments

You read that right : when you lift up the table you get to have storage in the form of open baskets or shelves, in which case you can use them to store all sorts of things. In fact, there are many different types of shelving you can use so take your time and come up with your own idea for this functionality-tree.

1. Kids raised for stairs.

The stairs in a nursery are usually the most important thing for the kids and not even adults. So take that situation to the next level and use the stairs to your advantage. Of course, they have their own storage baskets you can use for things like vegetables, milk, kitchen supplies or even toys.

Lift Up Table With Lift Function And Storage Compartments Photo 2

3. In closets.

Not a parent? Then how about turning your bedroom into a space where your kid can play with his Lego bricks and cut wood floor for example? That surely sounds very comfortable and a great idea. You can put a few lego bricks in a cupboard and some wood for some easy work. And don’t forget about some storage space for those little legs.{pictures from site}.

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