Kohler Cast Iron Shower Base From Karl Dreer – Kitchen Water

Kinnalor, Switzerland is home to a cosmopolitan of incredible affluence and world renown. Tucked quietly in a family home, the luxurious Kinnalor apartment is a spectacular architectural and design wonder. Made of cast iron with stainless steel fittings, the iron lays like a sophisticated plate in the tight of a hotel. The internal/ external staircase is crowned by a metallic crown, flooding the third floor with natural light. Stunning in its sheer magnitude, Kinnalor is a low-energy dwelling with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Topping £900k, this penthouse is an unexpected and exquisite piece of architectural architecture, a perfect residence and a hub to cool off in the heat during summer leisuretime and on winter holidays. Learn more about the Kinnalor apartment and its surroundings at RTdesign.
Photos by Ross Owen.

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