Japanese Style Roof Houses By Takeshi Hosaka Architects – Futura

This is a set of a set of houses designed by Takeshi Hosaka architects, with two separate forms. Futura takes you to the essence of this construction, in one way quite different from any modern house.

The long concrete panels, the floors and walls are covered with a fine wood coating in order to make the structure easier to clean, but the glze of the concrete and its texture remains. The light that enters the interiors, thanks to the wooden panels makes the architecture and the spaces look warm and inviting. The combination of modern materials such as white concrete, gray brick red and dark wood tones makes the houses bright and elegant. The oval shaped window lets you see the interior and connects the rooms.

The living room is located in there. Every floor and wall of the house has agreed to have the terrace facing the lakes views. A deck has been created to be the link between the indoors and the terrace, making the terrace an extension of the living room.

The stairs and that with the stairs combined are in complete contrast between the cool tones of the concrete walls and that of the exterior. The steps and steps are made of wood and have a very delicate texture-like effect. The kitchen and dining room, being adjacent, have their own set of wooden walls and bright finishes. The dining area has its windows integrated in the wall and, more interesting, offers views overlooking the lake.

There are two kitchen/dining spaces. One of them is the cozy farmers’ home style of the second one. It is a raw and rustic kitchen/dining room and its main objective is to be visited and to provide the family with the luxury dining experience.

The third and smallest of these three charming homes is the master bedroom. Its walls are covered with mirror, great for the view, and have inset lighting. The bed itself is of porcelain and the headboard is made of wood.

The en-suite bathroom shares in common a large shower wall and also has a double trough toilet, great for relaxation and contemplation.

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