Houses With Flat Roofs And Steep Roofs That Form A Nice Compromise Between A Traditional And A Modern House

It’s hard to make a house look or feel modern, especially when the surroundings are so close to it as these ones are. That little mountain outside country seems to be in very bad need of a renovation. That’s until we found this amazing project by CEBBI ARCHITECTS. They were asked to give the house a new and very sleek look. The owners of the house enjoyed living in a very comfortable and inviting house with wood floors and all sorts of charming details. The house is located in Matawinie, a ski resort in the Hinterland of British Columbia, in Canada.

The outdoor areas were the main concern in this case. They managed to create a very nice and natural family home with the best dose of attention to the beautiful landscape and the seamless connection between the indoor and the outdoor spaces. A lot of house designs incorporate boulders and rock in their designs and most often they take advantage of these elements in their architecture and design. Designs like this one show just how precious nature and the beauty of the natural gradient of the terrain allow these features to frame the house and blend in harmoniously.

The owners of this house wanted to preserve as much of the natural vegetation surrounding the house as possible in order to make the most of the views. The architects took advantage of this feature in their design and they made sure to find a way to free up the floor area of the house and to incorporate that wood look into the design. The garage and the front porch feature naturally wood slat steps and this means a lot of things in one’s favor.

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