Designer Drinking Glasses By EeStories

These are the designer drinking glasses produced by EeStories. The collection is nothing more than a bunch of glass glasses, some of them destined for bottles could be used as mugs, others could be used as pendant glasses, allotted to the guests. These glasses are made of various materials destined for mugs. The glasses are not new but they seem to be familiar.

The glasses were designed to be used in pairs, maybe for drink, if the guests are going to be staying alone. The glasses are, in my opinion, refreshing, so they need a design that will work with them. The glasses, destined for storing mugs, are really interesting. They are colored in vivid red, which is a nice but natural color for a boy’s room. No matter if you buy one or many, they will look great and be festive, perfect for a warm summer evening.

Designer Drinking Glasses By EeStories Photo 2

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