Brick Wall Apartment With Salvaged Wood From Demolition

This is a very unusual and interesting apartment. It’s located in Brackenow, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Originally, the apartment was a one-bedroom space. The building in which it stands now was once a brick warehouse. The building is still in there and the apartment is in need of a major renovation. The walls that originally separated the two areas were removed and the corner spaces were used to create an open floor plan.

The kitchen and the living area are part of a semi-open plan but are not the only separate spaces. The kitchen has simple white furnishings. The white backsplash is an excellent addition to the wooden ceiling and the piece hanging above the black countertop creates a nice visual contrast. The dining area is also open and is pushed to the left in order to offer plenty of natural light. The white cabinets and the dark grey floor create a balanced décor.

The overall dimensions of the apartment are L: 50cm x 40cm x 40cm. It has a cozy interior décor. As you can see, the apartment has a very different look from the original design. It seems like a simple, almost minimalist home. It also has a décor based on contrasts. However, it’s a very warm place to live in. It manages to create its own style by using few colors and few materials. In order to create a contrast this way, the designers used mirrors to create depth.

Vertical stripes are used in order to make the vertical stripes appear less striking. The white furniture and the wooden floor continue their subtle connection to the walls. The lighting fixtures are strategically placed and the parquet flooring gives that cozy look. The kitchen and the bedroom is also part of an open floor plan. The dining area is part of the same open space. It’s simple but full of meaning and energy. If you wish you could live there yourself.

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