Bar Design Plans From M2 Project

When you think of a bar design, most of your imagine something traditional, maybe with a wooden base and a metal top. However, these are not typical designs that could fit any traditional interior. Some bar designs are a little more modern, a little more industrial and they all have something unique. For example this bar is a combination of those materials. It’s a bar design that was created using the concept of mix and harmony. To me this piece is more than just a functional piece. It’s also a very beautiful decoration, a piece that will be a very interesting accessory for the home.

The wood used to create this piece was cut and varnished in order to obtain nice proportions and textures that would contrast with the vintage look of the current design. But this is not the only unusual thing about this bar. It’s also a very beautiful piece with sturdy and durable materials.

Bar Design Plans From M2 Project Photo 2

The structure of the bar is made of wood and MDF. Because it has such a strong texture and a very beautiful look, the wooden legs will stand out with their pattern and color. The legs will also help the the the table to be lightweight and easy to move around. The piece includes two 8’’ shelves and four 6’’ shelves. They are all black. The dimensions of the bar are 55? wide x 36? deep x 28? high. The shelf walls are sturdy. The M2 Project is available online for the price of $1,071.00. The finish will be applied by the artist Josef Mieke.

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