900 Sq Ft House Interior Design In Paris

This is the story of a house interior in Paris, installed at the height of a building with a rich history and with which it has suffered many natural modifications. The structure itself, which has lately been renovated, had not changed much from its original state, so it remained only the size of the rooms, but the most prominent look. A basement was added and this has allowed the reconstruction of the whole floor, without striking a striking local figure. The wooden structure of sheet-printed wooden paints was applied generously, keeping the natural colour of the walls, so long as the existing plaster was not susceptible to the rigorous white paint that is used regularly.

The first floor was expanded and painted in more colourful shades. In this way they created a nice story of the history and evolution of the project to the public, using much personal touch and thinking.”

Photos by: Juan Solano

900 Sq Ft House Interior Design In Paris Photo 3

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