Wave Sink From Villeroy & Boch – The Surfboard Sink

The surfboard sink is one of the most interesting and mysterious sinks on the market today. For those who use it daily, it’s an obvious design. But for others, adding this magical piece to their kitchen is a waste of ingenuity. The surfboard sink is a technical object that is, by definition, very aesthetic and it definitely stands out. It’s a piece with clever and unconventional designs and it offers multiple options you’d expect to find in a vintage kitchen.

The surfboard sink is made from a combination of wood and steel. It has an unusual shape that makes it even more interesting. Of course, it will always look better with more craftsmanship. The surfboard is available in two versions, the Old World one and the Modern. Old World has a spacious cooking area with open shelves that’s filled with antique spices and jars of different sizes. The spout fittings are spot on and the sink always has a unique, authentic look.

The interior of the sink is designed for two persons, two being preferred to each have their own private space and two persons prefer free space when it comes to food and everything else. The design is definitely very appealing and the material used is definitely more resistant than the other models we’ve mentioned so far. These sink are definitely worth a look into if you’re interested in the Italian furniture and beauty.{found on yankodesign}.

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