Two Story Apartments In Hamyshine District Of Brooklyn, NY

These two apartment buildings that have been built in the 1930s look simply just like two new apartment buildings at the current location of Brooklyn, NY.In these old apartments there was a quiet, wood-clad four-bedroom townhouse which was renovated and reinvented by architect Corin Hartman. The client wanted to recover the old building but the challenge was more about making it livable while offering maximum comforts like a total privacy in a high-rise residential area.

The challenge of turning this old building into a contemporary and attractive home was designed for a young couple with two children. The renovation tries to maintain the apartment building’s identity while, at the same time, solving a renovation that brought the building back to life, without depriving the tourists of their favorite holiday destination.

The renovation consists of a total renovation of an already unique building. The old columns are preserved along with many of the windows. The renovation is not extensive without also emphasizing some elements instead. A tree from the former kitchen is brought inside while the indoor swimming pool is placed on top of the old columns.

The restoration definitely paid homage to the old but in many aspects; it just required a fresh approach and a little drama. When combined with elements like chic furniture and sculptural ceilings, the result is both innovative and dramatic.{pics credits: Marius Daperski}.

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