Smart Home Designs Byavielce

Smart homes are becoming the norm in the world and when it comes to Switzerland, its survival is the least important thing. The environment intervene and one of the projects of mine is called Smart Houses and that is to build 300 houses on the lake shore of Lake Lucerne.

Each house is developed through a series of large modular elements. These elements are prefabricated and were put together, after which they were designed and built. These particular homes have solar panels and battery operated lamps and they are entirely powered by the sun. Another very interesting detail is the fact that the houses are portable and they can be placed both in the sunny or in the dark, allowing you to easily move them when you move around. The first order of the landscape design was to design the landscape as self sustaining as possible, not as a remote site.

The houses have large openings that bring natural light into the back rooms of the houses and also open the facades to the lake and the mountains. The interior is beautiful and elegant, with modern furniture and accents tones of white and beige that only emphasize the simple and clean beauty of the design itself. These houses have everything you could possibly want in a perfect design, without complicated features and little money to pay them a visit in order to end up standing out.

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