Skeleton Lamp Collection From Karim Rashid

I don’t know who this designer is or what he wished to have but he’s certainly happy with his current collection. Karim Rashid is a very creative and very innovative designer who created pieces that almost defy everything people try to do. For example this Slumber Light is now available in a variety of sizes and it can be fixed to a wall in just 30 seconds. It’s more than a lamp.

The Slumber Light is available in a variety of sizes (L,D,E,G,H,T,B,C, etc.) and it comes in many different colors. All of them are attractive and very beautiful. The designer combined natural wood with fluorescent tubes so that can glow in the dark and the effect is impressive. The Slumber Light is an extremely beautiful and stylish piece and it comes very attractive and chic in the same time for any room where it is placed. The designer incorporated many hours of craftsmanship into the design and created this very nice lamp. It’s a very simple but beautiful and also funny lamp that would look great in a traditional or vintage décor, adding some class and style to your home.

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