Rustic Backsplash Tile In Black And White

Toro tiles are not very common in kitchens and bathrooms but they can also be just what the room needs to feel complete. Their strong association with the past and the present shows them as very suitable for the present. That is why we always insist on coming up with new and clever ideas for decors. The projects for this bathroom by Farrom Architects take us to another level.

The theme of the interior designs for this project would have to be the history of the material and design heritage of London. Therefore, the palette of materials and colors has its own story and background to tell. The result is a very contrasting and yet very harmonious bathroom. The most important element that the designers decided to include in this project is the double sink. It’s a very appreciated feature for its symbolism.The bathroom features many large mirrors. They completed the project by featuring on bent glass panels.

The two vanities are placed horizontally. The ideal placement is dictated by the shape of the bathroom. But the best thing about this design is that the counter doubles as a space divider. The designers chose round bathrooms for this project for its openness and freedom. The washbasins and sink are in the shape of a large puzzle and the rest of the fixtures are simple and made of metal.{found on designboom}.

Rustic Backsplash Tile In Black And White Photo 4

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