Price Of A Shipping Container House In Portland

This beautiful container house is located in Portland, Oregon, USA. It was built by UK Water’s Landscape Architecture practice and it was completed in 2009. The house was a project by Andy Martin Architects. Although the exterior location of the house is interesting and might get difficult to spot, the interior is very interesting as well. The container house is actually a single-family residence. It has a very simple design, with a corten panels and pitched roof.

The house was built using a series of repurposed shipping containers. The theme chosen for the project was not only to look natural but also to offer a better reflection of the surrounding nature. The house was kept as simple as possible without making any major architectural details. Since it was impossible to reuse these shipping containers, it was customary to do that with tar walls. The project was developed by Oregon-based architecture practice Olson Kundig.

Since it was impossible to use these walls for a proper archway without damaging the container walls, the house had to be designed with a tessellated facade. It needed to be a sliding glass enclosure. The container walls that lie between the two sides of the facade were painted with a light-colored finish and those same colors with several different patterns printed on them.

A common element of all these sliding glass doors is also the fact that they separate the hallway from the kitchen. When you enter the house, the first thing you see is the hall. This is where you’ll find the dining area. The kitchen has a very simple design, with an island counter and wooden chairs. The wooden wall behind it contains storage shelves.

The living area has a sofa and a comfortable daybed. The kitchen and the dining area are separated by a wall with access to the terrace. This area is where the location of the secondary children’s room is, where they can spend time and observe the surroundings.

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