Phyllis Morris Granite Kitchen

When you have to renovate a place in which every little thing is perfectly designed and practical, every detail should be absolutely apparent and included as much as possible in the design. For example, it should be only natural to be as simple and practical as possible, as is the case with any great designer. A very good example in this case is the beautiful kitchen that a ceramist called Phillipe Guyon was commissioned to create. And this marvelous kitchen acts like an amazing design laboratory.

The kitchen is equipped with a lot of appliances and with a marvelous height in order to allow you to easily see all the aspects of such a functional space when you have finished your day. Such an open floor plan makes it easier to create the desired atmosphere when you see the entire place from the perspective of perspective of a particular person. As you probably know, being contemporary is not always always necessarily for the sake of it. In the case of this kitchen, for example, the simplicity of the space led the architects to only include one rather small area in the whole room. The seating area seems to be the focal point and the rest of the design is mostly or completely composed of features that give character to the whole space.

Phyllis Morris Granite Kitchen Photo 2

Considering the fact that a typical kitchen should have at least one major piece of furniture, it’s not the best idea to go with simple and compact designs. And this can turn out to be an amazing idea, as we can see here. With subtle color and a few choice of materials, the modern and contemporary kitchen looks very fresh and inviting. It’s something to look forward too.

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