Pavilion Designs By 70 Works Architecture

When it comes to classic architecture, there is no denying the charm it has.

Pavilion designs are usually known for their large and complicated shapes, curving lines and smooth elements. However, there is something that always strikes the eye, when it comes to classic architecture, and that is the fluid nature of the landscape and the views that are to be admired.

Casa Al Sharaim, the most expensive villa in Lebanon, is a sight on a vineyard full of vegetation. Built only with local herbs from the region, the construction took an airy 13,500 square foot, two bedroom, three bath retreat, to 64 floors. Al-Shaped Montgomery Turn Hills offered both privacy as well as magnificent views over the vineyard and Mount Lebanon.

Inside the house the décor is elegant and modern with an accent on handmade objects. Zellige tiles are installed and then hand scraped together to create the walls of tile. The shadows are a great inspiration in the wooden floors and the oval corner fireplace features relief shapes in the shape of mountains. The residence also includes an open to the light and airy pavilion that features the dining area and the living room.

There are three volumes in the main residence: the main washroom, the powder room and the main entry gallery. The powder room is a functional space providing a place for relaxation and enjoying time with the family. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and has a relaxing lounge area with marble floor and walls. The counter-height joinery with smooth white lacquered panels creates a graceful contrast and a charming and inviting look in this area of the house. The kitchen is particularly impressive. It has a 13 cm (0.78 in) thick island in which several other functions can be found. In addition, the wall-mounted cabinets and their doors hide all the appliances, utensils and candles so that the space remains uncluttered. The interior flooring is made of the same materials and only dark wood finish was used on the floors.

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