Multiple Color Walls To Create A Vibrant And Dynamic Décor

We tend to make color choices on our own because we don’t know what colors go well together. Is it a hot drink or a cold beer, any kind of thing. In that case, it’s best to learn how to combine colors and what to combine in order to create the perfect eclectic décor. So, let’s take a look at some colorful kitchens and we’ll see how you can do that.

It’s such a common idea to choose colorful furniture for the living room that feel colorful but that are difficult to decorate. Let’s say you’d rather have a white and gray main space. Perhaps you’d like to try colorful coffee tables or maybe you can decorate one of the walls with colorful pinwheels and pendant lamps. If you decide to go with something pale, or something bright, you’ll also be happy to know that there’s an entire wall covered with zebra print. It’s a very interesting and colorful approach and the results are quite interesting.

You can feel the style of the house and not necessarily because of the color. It’s a combination between colors and texture. Take this kitchen for example it seems very friendly and family friendly. The focal point of the space is the cherry red backsplash. The cabinets are very simple. The only colorful details are the colorful pendants that can be rotated in order to create a more personalized design.

Multiple Color Walls To Create A Vibrant And Dynamic Décor Photo 3

Another very interesting and fun accent color combination is the chocolate brown. It’s a color that always makes spaces feel cozy, whether it’s a bedroom or a hallway. The dark royal blue backsplash is a very nice twist to the chocolate brown cabinets. At the same time, the pattern is very elegantly combined. Also, the chandelier is a red decoration and it stands out by contrast. This is a great example of how you can complement a modern open plan space with a colorful focal point.

Multiple Color Walls To Create A Vibrant And Dynamic Décor Photo 4

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