Multifunction Bed For Kids

There’s no reason why that bed could be used by only one child. However, there’s the perfect solution: if you really need one, a bed for two. The Dualitners bed is the perfect example for you. It’s a modern piece of furniture that was designed specifically for children. Of course, as child grows up, the need for a bed grown up becomes evident as transportation remains. So a second bed could be just the thing that a child needs.

However, not even a regular teenage kid would find this type of bed strange. Not only it doesn’t fit the rest of the décor, but the shape is not especially attractive either. If you’re looking for something modern and even stylish, this could be the perfect choice. The Dualitners bed has a modern and very stylish look. It comes in two sizes: L 145 cm, L 140 cm and L 190 cm. The mattress measures 300 by 400 cm. The structure is made of birch plywood.

The Full-Style Bed features a sturdy metal frame that holds an upholstered foam support element, wrapped with cozy string in birch and attached with a single spring. The dimensions are 15’’w x 42’’d x 13’’h. The bed includes an opening in the back that can be used to store small objects, such as toys, but also other smaller items in case you need them.Available for 145 euros.

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