Modern Tile Backsplash By Cerasa

Bugs are a beautiful and very useful thing to use when you realize that some tiny spaces could use an attention grabbing splashback tile backsplash that is just the way it looked like. This modern mosaic tile backsplash from Cerasa features an interesting mosaic aqua colour that creates stunning reflections on its tile backsplash as well as its horizontal laminate glazing.

Even at night, the outdoor effect is enhanced because the mosaic tiles are covered with aqua courtyards and gardens, great for admiring the carefully planting flora.

Made using polyurethane, the mosaic tile backsplash is super strong and expansive, being able to hold its own as long and as large as you like. The square pattern created by the horizontal glazing is carefully pulled together with polycarbonate tiles that have been covered with aqua-coral. Because the design is so unusual, the colour variations are pleasing and avoid creating the effect of a repeated pattern.

Because the tiles are made using tiles, you might want to disperse the colour to all of your friends. It’s also a great visual for small apartments and condo houses. This is easy to do when you want to spice up the decor of your kitchen or any other free-standing space. The colour of choice is a light Aqua-Green and it also adds to the airy sophistication of the space. The Gigi Plank Italian designed backsplash is made with a ceramic patented composite – water, sand and electric integration. By using this new material in full, the backsplash does more than just protect the wall – it also gets heat treated with eco-friendly glass products that are also safe for the environment. And built to last for generations, the unique plate front design ensures the backsplash gets perfect marks in the long-held light so it can last for many years to come. The colour options for the tiles include three shades of aqua-green and you can go dark, with options like white, gray and black. The material of choice, polycarbonate ceramic tiles, is resistant to water, sunlight and stains and lets you enjoy the natural light over time. The frameless glass backsplash delivers equally bright, modern washable surfaces. The Italian inspired mosaic tiles include geometric patterns and the vertical and horizontal patterns mimic the angled backsplash tiles. The waterproof layer in the mosaic tile is backed by a fibre-reinforced acrylic coating that soothes the leather. The design and material of the new Tahana toilet washbasin is designed by California Designer Fernanda Marques. The striking shape is a modern play on the curved back- threads of a butterfly.

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