Modern Luxury Beds By Ponsi Architettura

Beds are very important elements and also sources of color in a décor. They can also create the illusion of larger space so it’s also convenient to use them for that. Of course, I can’t ignore bedding-related elements such as that. There are many options, some of them being so interesting as for example these original pool bed designs. This collection is particularly comfortable because of those nice lines from the shape of these beds.

The collection also includes a nice coffee table with wheels that can be used to move the coffee table wherever it might be needed. It’s so great because I would have expected a set of identical beds to have different dimensions or even different colors. I’m sure there are enough for everyone so why not choose of one of them or just a two for a more unusual look?

These sets of these beds have no distinguish star in their design. Designing them was actually not that difficult. Basically the choice was made to use some simple geometric forms in order to create something visually striking but also a safe choice. The coffee table has a square top with four wheels that can be easily pushed around and that are also very helpful when putting things on table or floor. The dimensions of this product are 5’’ (W) x 5’’ (D). It’s made of pine wood and it only comes in black.Available for 500$.

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