Modern Beach House Interior Design In New York

After presenting you an alternative apartment design, now it’s time for you to show it to New York. Here’s a one room apartment with a very curious light niche. It’s not the most inviting light fixture you could have. Even though it doesn’t look like it does in terms of shape and looks, it actually looks more like a decoration. It’s an interesting combination of functions and beauty.

The interior was designed by Central atelier in 2016. It’s a beach-facing New York beach residence with a contemporary interior design. The residence is defined by simple lines and functionality. The interior décor is very beautiful but also quite simple. The services are very friendly and friendly and the plants and other decorative details are not numerous but they make the contrast and beauty. They contribute to the charm of the interior and to the beauty of the whole space.

Modern Beach House Interior Design In New York Photo 2

There’s a certain amount of simplicity to this residence but mostly it’s because of the furnishings and the way they fit together. Because the design is already fluid and continuous, the lounge area could be the defining elements of any home. It’s a space designed for relaxation in a beautiful and minimalist way and it can be the room that creates a connection with the landscape and with nature. A very important aspect is the lighting which plays a very important role in any space. In this case the solution was to use an oversized floor lamp and additional accent lighting fixtures.{found on fairytale-designs}.

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