Maxx Shower Stall From Eeck Mosaic – Cool And Creative

The Meg sanitary ware shower stall from Eeck Mosaic offers detailed details of how a standard shower stall operates. The stools and chairs are carefully detailed with oriented glass panels. The water features behind the glass are visible and visible and reflect the aromas of the shower. The slender profiles allow even a water wall enclosure to be installed and there are no fishnet-like patterns to distract your attention. The water seams from end to end, drawing the eye upwards with its glare. The floor is clear Corian, and the unit provides attractive, lasting durability. A range of finishes is available and elegant, from an elegant ceramic sub wash and a refreshing rustic powder coated finish. Meg is totally in sync with its surroundings, proving that a little innovation pays value for money. Energy savings are top by settings, shown here.

Maxx Shower Stall From Eeck Mosaic – Cool And Creative Photo 4

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