Loft Apartment Designs With Elegant And Luxurious Decors

LOFT is an apartment designed by White Interior Design Co. and located in the Lower 6 District of New Taipei City, Taiwan. It’s a loft apartment that offers plenty of space and elegance and style for its owners to take into consideration.

The style chosen for the interior is modern and simple but the décor is elegant and charming. A series of neutral colors was chosen. It includes shades of white and brown and these shades are very similar. They also add a nice texture to the rooms and make the decor stand out. Here you can find an apartment that beautifully reflects the beauty of the owners’ style.

Loft Apartment Designs With Elegant And Luxurious Decors Photo 2

The kitchen, dining room and living room share the same space. This is a shared space that has the sofa in the form of a curved bar and the dining area also has seating around it. The bedrooms are not particularly spacious but they are all very welcoming and stylish. For the kids’ bedroom there are a few cute bedside tables that match some of the furniture pieces in the living room.

The hall can be divided into two zones. Each one contains a small landing area for two to a wall with cabinets and shelves. On the other corner are the bathroom and the guest room. An oversized floor lamp sits in the corner and two stylish pendant lamps highlight one of the walls. The dining area is particularly comfortable and has plenty of storage integrated in its design.{pictures by Joshua Barbeau}.

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