Giant Floor Lamp

There’s something very powerful and comforting about a fire place. Whether you live in a small place surrounded by family homes or you prefer to be in a large city apartment, it;s only natural to be surrounded by stuff. This tends to make you feel even more welcomed and cozy in there. That’s why a furniture or lighting lamp seems like a very important décor element. This Giant Floor Lamp seems like a very good choice for the area.

The body of the lamp is made from hollow fiberglass and the light it provides is diffuse so it’s a very soft and pleasant choice for the eyes. It’s a very beautiful and versatile lamp, the perfect combination between an aesthetic design and functional and durable. The body and base of the lamp are available in a variety of different materials, including polished and engraved aluminum. The lamp weights a 1969 kg standard piece of castors and it measures 30 H x 60 W. It has a high-power and an advanced-grade battery backup providing 5 liters of light for 5 hours.

Even though it’s very simple, the Giant floor lamp is not lack of details. It’s also a very interesting design, very elegant and stylish. The body of the lamp is quite small, just the right height and the light it provides. It has brushed anodized aluminum hardware and it also features a hand rubbed bronze finish. The hand remote allows you to adjust the lamp to the brightness of the light it throws and needs. Add a standard lamp to it and the options are also available.

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