Gabled House With Bold Elements And A Modern And Inviting Interior

This is the Gyp’ house, a contemporary masterpiece designed by Solorfters van der Velde Architects. It’s located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and its most interesting detail is the fact that the house has four floors.By the way, its ingenious structure and modern, but also playful design are the Netherlands offering a lot of inspiration. Despite its size, the house is inviting and stays in the spirit of the Netherlands. It has a layout based on simplicity and interaction.

The house is a two-storey structure with a pitched roof, a zinc facade and white plastered walls. It was designed for a couple and their two grown-up children. The clients wanted to create something fun and livable inside so they used a combination of low-tech and vintage elements. The plaster and floor tiles are definitely the Dutch features that stand out among the other residences.

The mix of modern and vintage is definitely the element that stands out most everywhere else. The house is a great example of how you can adapt timeless design to something that’s totally timeless. As for the actual house and all the little details, it all depends on the inhabitants and the landscape that offer you when it comes to living there.{pics by David Hansse and found on archdaily}.

Gabled House With Bold Elements And A Modern And Inviting Interior Photo 4

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