Fortified Home Plans From Doherty Goodness Architects – Ltd.

We are very excited to show you Doherty Goodness Architects, a contemporary building located in Melbourne, Australia. Once a traditional and slightly rustic building, the newly constructed Town House involved with the reinterpretation of a much larger, more historical structure. The resultant natures of this project includes a mix of innovative design elements and unprecedented yin and yang. For example, the abundant use of massive timber columns and beams give a sense of arrival and connection between the old and the new. The materials and the complex nature of the details are able to accommodate changing tastes and styles, responding to a variety of wishes and needs. We have included an asymmetrical roof form that presents a contemporary interpretation of the traditional pitch roof for a more modern interpretation of the pedestrian-facing section of the Town House.

The rear section, which is a nod to the pitch of the roof, includes a grand balcony, a cellar and some storage space. The purposely angled rear wall of glazings can be closed for additional privacy when more is required. The street façade of the building continues through the garden, thus responding to the philosophy of preserving the garden and connecting the interior spaces to the outdoor. The use of unusual materials is key to creating a modern, slightly industrial chic atmosphere.

The house has two bedrooms, a ground floor social double bedroom and a loft area for the children. The master bedroom is intended for the couple who picked this location because it offers both open views and privacy, allowing the house to grow quickly with the passage of time.

The limited planning area which is typical to townhomes definitely makes this house special. The house was not built on a narrow plot and rather an urban oasis. This was a request brought by the client, a writer and illustrator for whom this dream came true with a little bit of ingenuity. The house is very colorful. It has bright red walls and concrete ceilings that create a raw and unfinished atmosphere in the interior.

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