Floral Chairs By Tirmith Wood

By now it has become pretty common to see floating chairs designed to offer posture delineation but that’s not the case with tis kind of unusual chair designs like this one. It’s calledfloral and it was created by Tuscith Wood. Notice the very interesting idea that led to the creation of stilts that can be used to create that comfortable comfortable sitting arrangement. The stilts can be pulled from the frame of the chair and then pulled back and secured with tension strips. It’s quite ingenious and clever on my opinion.

The inspiration for the chair in this case came from the beach. The stilts would be perfect for it. The water could be another great source of energy. The chair seems like the perfect combination of an outdoor sitting area and the circular floor can also be used inside. Just pull the stilts out, turn the chair over and the water will fill the interior of the chair. You can customize these chairs by choosing a specific color, texture or material.Available for $329.

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