Electric Canopy Bed By Jacobsen Jacobsen

We all dream about beautiful views and the specific framework created by a building to serve this purpose has become the standard for most modern and contemporary homes. Still this doesn’t mean that an architectural structure should be ordinary, as it is nothing more than an elaborate embellishment for a single bed.

A cottage, for example, can be transformed into two beds if the interior allows it. The transformation would be quite different than what the owners requested. But it’s still a wonderful idea. This way both the bottom and the top bunk are converted into two separate beds. This way only one set of beds remains, the rest of the structure being used for storage or for seating.

The bed is entirely color-coded. For example, the bottom bed features a blackboard resting on a white panel. A pull-out twin-size bed rests in the middle of the table and there’s also a 15 mm (4.35 in) single-seater that fits beautifully around the bed.

Of course, there’s no bedding that shares the same color or with the same pattern and texture. This element is the most simple one. It’s a combination of white and sheer. Underneath the bed there are drawers along the wall and above there are power shelves. Everything else is customizable.

Of course, there’s an important difference in everything. The bed is not only independent from everything surrounding it. It’s independent from everything else. It’s independent space-saver. This bedroom, for example, is more open and airy. It’s functional and simple. It’s designed in a way that makes it very inviting.

Electric Canopy Bed By Jacobsen Jacobsen Photo 5

Notice all the white surfaces and clean, straight lines. This atmosphere is casual and welcoming but also inviting and actually very pleasant at the same time. The white seems to be the main color used here, not the key word which is important but however it is. To create a clean, coherent and airy décor, the architects and designers especially Elisa Hernández and Rosalía Vasilcio used beautiful wood tones.

The wooden floors create a warm, yet elegant impression of continuity. The rooms are not filled with natural light but rather with dark ones that create a little cozy feeling. The open shelves are a great way of storing things and the fact that everything is on a flat surface gives it a lightweight and airy feel that makes the rooms seem bigger.

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