Concrete Hallway Wall In A Hungarian Industrial Warehouse

As it usually happens in situations like this one, the architects at Bosthlcz Architects came up with a really interesting idea. They designed the hallway for a private family that needed a place to retreat to in between work sessions. So instead of concealing the bathroom and all the other walls in glass and other similar things you can put a wooden staircase on the wall and have it built into the wall.

The staircase is tucked above the concrete corridor and it’s there from the very first step. It’s almost like it resembles a huge transparent room where you can actually see where everything is. With only a ladder in small planters to keep everything in place, the stair is like a room in there. It’s very beautiful how the few steps allow the wall to be completely covered in beautiful plants.

Concrete Hallway Wall In A Hungarian Industrial Warehouse Photo 2

The wood and glass steps have a natural, undulating design and are also the reason for the floor to ceiling hanging nooks in the corner of the library. The shiny metal pipes are not just a detail, although they are part of the staircase core.

In order to create a continuous but contrasting décor and ambiance, the dining area was incorporated into a continuous space. The chandelier is particularly interesting the two corner of the room that get a geometric pendant lamp cluster, very reminiscent of a pipe-stemming pendant light. A large mirror covers almost the entire wall opposite to the dining table and the geometric rug separates the dining room wall from the living area.

Concrete Hallway Wall In A Hungarian Industrial Warehouse Photo 4

The upper floor houses two small bedroom which are also small and overlook the bathroom. The sleeping area is yet another space housed inside a large closet. Although small, the room is filled with natural light and fresh colors. The long dresser with an aged steel finish plays an important role in the décor.

Another impressive design element is the series of sliding wooden panels. They wrap around the corner of the bedroom dividing it from the adjacent room, adding a touch of traditional charm to the room. The dark finish of the panels contrasts with the white of the room. Moreover, they are extendable and can easily change shapes and angle.

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