Blue Bathroom Paint Job

Bathrooms are important rooms in the house and not just spaces where you have a big family. In the bathroom there’s often a need for some decoration. So you should try to create something stylish, maybe a nice combination of colors and fixtures. This blue bathroom paint job might be perfect for you.

First you need to paint the walls crisp and clean. I prefer a raw and natural look, so I opted for using white for the walls. For the floor you can choose a nice tile pavement or maybe also using some wood planks. Let’s take a look at these pictures you can get some ideas.

If you want to create a contrastive look you can opt for some white stripes. Choose blue or green and arrange them in a triangle shape or some white flowers. You can also paint the base of the rug with these colorful items. The chandelier above the vanity is one of my favorite. It really brings everything together.

Another place where you can use some white paint is the kitchen. It should be somewhere near the entrance because it’s a room you expect to have white cabinets and white floor. The walls are also important when it comes to decorations. Try to place some white picture frames on the walls and maybe a painting on the ceiling. Make sure you choose a soft tone of blue or green. The furniture is important too: the pieces are important as well as the place where they are placed. The watercolor photo base is really amazing. Moreover, you can use the natural area rug on the floor and the rest of the room’s accessories.

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