Blown Glass Lamps By Branca Sadelletti

Branca Sadelletti is a designer whose vision stands on its head, no matter if it is an office or a living room. His collections were created instudio, one of six world-class hosts of Milan, and you can see the talent and work he does for each particular one. His collections for your interiors have been presented at the upcoming IMM Cologne fair or in the Miami design exhibition. Therefore, Sadelletti is probably most familiar in those who have to cover a lot of glasses, so it is probably the best choice for those looking for versatile, but not extravagant collections.

We were interested to find out more much about the designer, so we having a look at the collections presented here today, in order to give you an idea of what they have to offer. You will not only see Bertoia but also the latest designs and furniture from Michele De Lucchi.

The collection presented here is composed of over 60 functional and beautiful table lamps and a table lamp. The names of the lamps are Laura and Ulyssa and they have different designs, but the names are suggestive and the lamps interesting and beautiful. You can see that the designers have a good imagination to manage these lamps from the first sight and pay homage to their names. Due To is not a plain and simple lamp, but a creative one, having an artistic design and using a chromatic formula derived from automotive paint. It works with one hundred light bulbs in 34 different color combinations and the bulbs used are included in the shade length to prevent over absorption of the material.All in great condition.

Blown Glass Lamps By Branca Sadelletti Photo 3

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