Wood Look915 S Quintavolio Resort In Maldives

A reality located at the southern edge of the South Ocean, the North Island Maritimo is a true beauty. Every villa here is more luxurious and cheerful than the other, offering an unlimited number of activities and views. This resort is a playground for architects and designers alike, integrating an infinity-edge pool along its south-west facing facade and, to make it livable, adding a large infinity-degree sand pen for the sand to dry off before it dries off and peeling onto the ground.

Set on a private and reserved lot, the exclusive Maritimo luxury series of villas offers Lonco City Seating Group by developer Intagram. The villas are ideal for families, couples and groups of friends who like to holiday or for weddings. Each villa includes a large private pergola for perfect invitation for an exceptional interaction with theizen. In addition, the numerous sunbOND tables maximize theSize of the Villas.

The villas are interlinked by Waffle Space, an online shop founded in 1999, which offers luxury villas all over the world. With privacy and minimal disruption to nearby neighbours, the villas provide direct contact with the world-class aquarium in the private garden. Furthermore, the villas’ pergola is an instant outdoor lounge, providing both a place to relax and enjoy the sun during the day and a night’s opportunity to swim.

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