Two Floor Apartment With Cozy And Inviting Rooms

This apartment is located in the historical center of Tel Aviv and it’s a great place to raise a few questions about the history of this building. It’s an apartment that measures150 m2 and it’s currently on the market for 1.7 million SEK. The renovation was made for the seller in 2011, after a two years of research and with the help of a team of acquaintances and some added family friends.

The apartment is very spacious. It has white walls, modern appliances and the same space in the kitchen, a big dining table and comfortable seats. The living room is also the biggest room because there’s a sitting room. On the second floor you can find another living room and the third floor houses the bedroom. The bedrooms feature double beds and wardrobes. There are hallways that link them all. In the upper floor there are two beautiful bedrooms, for two persons, two sitting room and a TV room.

Two Floor Apartment With Cozy And Inviting Rooms Photo 2

There are also two bathrooms, one with a double sink and toilet and one with a shower. In the living room are two spacious sofas and a beautifully decorated two-seat sofa accompanied a table with modern chairs. In the middle of the room there’s a wall with paintings.

The walls are bare floors. The sofas have nothing else to do with each other and are instead part of an entertainment.

In the kitchen you can find everything you need, whether it’s a small or a large space. The large windows let plenty of natural light. There are marble floors in all the rooms, even the bedroom. There’s also a huge dining table and comfortable chairs in there as well as a perfectly equipped kitchen. Overall, this is an amazing apartment, with a modern décor and a harmonious décor.{found on domusnova}.

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