Square Metre Room Built In An Apartment In Barcelona

This is the attic of an apartment located in Barcelona. It covers a total area of 48 square meters so it’s not that impressive. But, when you look at it, it’s nothing but an impressive mixture of old and new, indoor and outdoor, etc.The renovation was a project by Elías Rizo Arquitectos and it was completed in 2010.

Even though it now seems like an old and forgotten place, the apartment preserved many of the original features such as the wooden beams, the moldings and the dark floors. The renovation was focused on making the place as efficient as possible. The walls were removed in order to fill the space with natural light. Even the furniture was made of wood and there are wood beams in the ceiling and many of the walls and floors. The apartment has three double bedrooms and two bathrooms. Since it’s such a small place, the storage had to be carefully thought.

In order to solve this problem, the architects created a singular, simple and functional storage room with three levels. The staircase that connects the three floors is the only vertical element that separates the bedroom from the public area. On the ground floor, there’s a built-in bed and the stairs have no stops. The rest of the rooms are delimitated but discreet. The public area is not particularly spacious but rather serene and soothing. The bedrooms are simple spaces with small windows. The wooden brises flooring brings light and color into this space and also creates a comfortable and warm feel.{found on archdaily}.

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