Round Table That Expands To Get A Table With 45 Degree Angles

We all know that with a few adjustments, we can make our living spaces look and feel spacious and bright. But what about with a round table as a base for the living room? The Vygas square table perfectly satisfies this needs. It’s a multipurpose piece of furniture that also serves as a coffee table, extra workspace, book shelf and even as a dining table. The dimensions of this unusual table are 23.6? wide x 30.25? deep x 34? high. The table can be bought for $3, KOS, and it can be used in the living room, as well as in the dining room. It would be worth buying one now that you can see the great impact that it has on your living space.

The dimensions of the Vygas square table are 76.5” w | 31.6” d | 19”h | 38” print (3.5? x 3? x 2.5?). Like many other pieces of furniture, it has underco corner shelving. Because it can be installed almost anywhere, it adds a modern touch to the design without standing out from the rest thanks to the hand-crafting process. It is made from solid rubber wood.

The table requires mounting after 24 hours and the manufacturer from Seattle, Washington specializes in furniture constructions. This particular model is called Quadrant and each of thematic shapes is designed to look like a well-shaped wheel with the legs made of cherry wood. The table top is actually made of eight pieces that end with pieces that are made of bent redwood. This beautiful table is available for $1,120.

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