Oversized Tub With A Rustic Design By Ponsam

The guys from Ponsam are designers and developers and specialists in the fields of interior and decoration. They are specialized carpenters and craftsmen who know how to make incredible combinations of old and new items, of materials and finishes capable of adding class to the house an amazing look. They will not only not miss to say but they will completely change the entire atmosphere from the interior of the house.

This is a tub with a rustic design and its interiors are awesome and impressive. The beauty comes first, as you can imagine, because it has a remote control that lets you set the level of lighting for the tub, with the help of the colored lights that appear on the walls and ceiling. The materials used for this tub are mainly wood, stone and metal. All these combinations are creating amazing interiors that will attract the attention of everybody and will definitely determine the design from the outside.

Oversized Tub With A Rustic Design By Ponsam Photo 2

The natural materials of the interior design are also capable of supporting different kinds of relaxation; you get a beautiful feeling of flying or jumping. A pretty relaxing atmosphere connects the indoors with the exterior seamlessly, making it look kind of a great place to spend your weekend. You can purchase this chic and simple terrace for the special price of $49,99; the only difference might be the privacy of the owners.

Oversized Tub With A Rustic Design By Ponsam Photo 3

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