Modern Exterior Door Hardware Kit

Houses need a lot of attention and need to also look beautiful and to define the rooms. But what if there were a set of door kit that allows you to do all those things and only needs to be activated manually or through hand manipulation? waaaaayy the set of door kit is amazing. It’s not only useful, but it’s also eye-catching as well.

This is a set of four door kits that you’ll get for $175 and they each come fully assembled. What distinguishes the five different color versions from each of the door modules is their selection of four bold colors that mix. They may differ in terms of texture and materials from door to the door. The models from this set share some subtle patterns and variations, but they all share something in common: they are designed to be efficient and functional. The prices varies between $175 (the set of 4) and covers installation hardware, transfers and gift.

Each Door module comes complete with one door. All the door modules in this set are 2.4 cu. plans without sliding panels. Door kits that come with kit bags are recommended to be used with AKA in 2005-2010 items such as handles, backplates, luggage racks, cellular connections, printers, postframes, and cloud mounts.

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