Luxury London Apartments Now Revamped By Za Bor Architects

The luxury west side apartment has been given a modern and drastic makeover. In simple terms, the interiors of the new apartments were designed by za bor architects. The style chosen is contemporary, efficient, and reminiscent of the olden days. The designers managed to retain the home’s original charm while still creating a modern design with some hints of industrial chic.

The apartments can be found in the central business and are currently occupied by architects guardswood. Here, the social area is open to the courtyard. There, the bedrooms offer lots of privacy without overlooking the architecture of the buildings. The living room and kitchen share a common floor plan, with an intelligent floor plan layout that allows the rooms to expand and to open to each other. The office is also part of the residence and has its own unique personality.

The master bedroom features a sleek wall book-like unit. Its top is made from two identical floor to ceiling sliding doors. When completely opened, the unit turns into a beautiful piece of art.

Luxury London Apartments Now Revamped By Za Bor Architects Photo 4

There are two more bedrooms, one of which features a work of art like a frame painting while the other is an actual art studio.

One of the three bedrooms is airy and bright. This one can easily accommodate a work of art. Its walls are filled with books and paintings. The floor, the kitchen and the dining room can be used as a large terrace or a patio. In addition, the apartment also has an underground garage with wheels which is also used as a parking deck.

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