Crate And Barrel Glassware Collection

I am not afraid of the dark or deep blue nor I am too pale. All I know is how to make my home dark but this is definitely not the lack of light. In my mind we usually wait for the dark to be over so that we can use the fireplace to light up the room. However, long winter comes quickly so we need to change our plan to make our home more beautiful and all. A very good example of a rustic décor is this beautiful barrel basket.

The barrel basket is both functional and beautiful. It reminds of a sawhorse’s table. It also reminds me of a sawhorse with four people inside. That’s actually not a pretty image. It’s a rather vintage basket. It would be a good choice for a vintage home because it will probably need to be kept outside all the time. However, if you intend on using it for serving drinks and snacks, then you can buy one separately.

I really like this collection. It’s very simple but it’s also very nice to look at. So even if you have a small home, you can still make one that fits your requirements. The items in this collection are made on order to give personality to your home. The dimensions of the barrel basket are 30? wide x 22? high. The basket is great for all sorts of occasions, not only outdoor.

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