Concrete Plinths Embody The Essence Of A Dream Home

Casa Jacarandas is located in Cachagua, Zapallar, Valpara along with all of the other contemporary architecture surrounding it. The house itself is constructed on a single level in one. If from a distance and within its walls you wouldn’t really know, this is a home to be proud of. The solid concrete plinth that sits at the base of the artificial volcano is one of the few natural-built elements that exist not in rocks and mud canopies.

The house is completely constructed out of concrete and has a strong contemporary style. The only features left visible are the concrete ceiling and walls which add a modern layer of life at every turn. The interior is an organized collection of very simple and geometric volumes. The living room and dining room are two zones without having any clear glass between them. These volumes are completely open to the encrusted concrete girders that serve as a central interior design element at every turn.

After entering the house through the water feature water feature, the one and a half trail leads you across a wooden foyer that connects the various different zones of the residence. Stepping into the covered terrace is where the owners and the open fireplace hear the quiet quiet of the lake and the spacious and serene bedroom volume is nestled on the other side of the fary. The built-in bench seat is tucked under the extended roof when the bench is not used and the built-ins give the surface a cozy feel.

The views framed by the high, custom built glass walls are wide and soothing. The two-sided fireplace next to and above the dining area sure helps cozyly encourage sitting, sharing a space, and warming each other’s appreciation and needs.

The living area is located just of the halfway wall space between the kitchen and the built-in dining nook for a perfect place to set a cup of coffee and an interesting book for enjoying a nice breeze.

The stairs that lead to the upper floor are sunken just like the rest of the upper rooms, and their glass walls don’t make up their glass façade. This makes the home’s second living area feel open and spacious while still maintaining a connection to the landscapes outside.

Upstairs is where the private bedrooms are located, as well as the main bathroom. Each room is located to have a different view of the views, allowing each room to be a complete expanse of wall against the rock face of the hill, against the soft hills that surround the home, and in full view of the trees planted though the home.
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