Coffee Tables That Lift The Mood In Any Room

So often when we talk about interior design and décor we get into the category of “imitation.” For that we have a great choice: coffee tables. And not only that they have a great decorative function and a unique design, but they also add style and character to any room. They do that not by featuring the exact same details we see in other spaces because they areuto. As a result, coffee tables that lift the mood in a room are extremely popular and appreciated, but their complex design details make them a little more difficult to integrate in a décor.

So, when it comes to designing a coffee table that’s not mimimal, here are a few tips that will help you improve this design approach for a longer period of time.

Vienna table. This chic coffee table is actually not a vintage piece, as it has not been manufactured and it’s in no way meant to be specifically used as one. However, it has a very interesting design. It’s shaped like a cube and this gives it a unique and mysterious look.

Coca-Cola Classic coffee table. Now this is one of those pieces of furniture that you display not just in the living room, but also in spaces like the hallway, in the bedroom, in the office, maybe even in the dining room, plus on the balcony. Its imposing shape and the colors used further enable it to be the focal point of the décor. The table was designed by Oscar Niemeyer who actually designed it. It’s one of those timeless pieces of furniture that fit contemporary homes and decors very well.

The CTV coffee table is actually not a piece that was produces for living rooms, but it could make nice furniture for spaces like the living room. The idea was to create a coffee table that makes a statement and is not too formal. The table has a friendly shape and a vintage appearance that makes it still very versatile and adaptable. The design is rather traditional, but this only makes it unique. The base made from lacquered wood is also available in painted steel.

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