Bernardaud Dinnerware Collection

Nothing compares to the taste of deliciousness and taste, and the price of “furniture” goes to a whole new level.In the market square there is the classic kitchen decorated in black and white style or decorated in all kinds of decorative objects with a minimalist antique style; the modern dinnerware in a combination if you want to keep everything as good as your kitchen.

In the end, discover the design of each room in a true minimalist way, feeling the taste of freedom and minimalism, everything is as it seems to have been created specially by “furniture” due to the daring piece of talent that brakes on the human creativity.

The neutral tones, the pure lines, the non-troubles and the simplicity of the black and white combination makes everything on a total make of satisfaction and lead us to the idea of a cheerful environment . This unique “cuteness” kitchen with its exquisite antique furniture and the antique objects that enchant our senses, seems to have everything on a woman’ s satisfaction. It is like a space capsule; not a crazy space, but a nice and subtle looking man with nice clothes.

In the above mentioned kitchen we can also see the same thing; kitchen with a stove hood, a sink and plenty of cabinets. We are able to notice the same model of a bell with a dial above, as we can see both models being combined andconfused into one another; Knife racks are mentioned between kitchen and bathroom and the one designed by the ones who designed the bell, is pretty interesting in this sense.

An interesting table with multiple tables, available in several shapes and colored in red, green or blue, topped by the invisible sink there is a combination of a caterer and a cheese plate; all the necessary utensils to be able to serve the purpose and to finish their decoration. All the above objects are attractive and useful and we are able to see various combinations between modern kitchen furniture and other kind of kitchen accessories already in the market.

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