Bathtub For Two By Teuco

If you want to have a nice bathroom design even if you wash or wash on a slab you will very easily need to use a bathtub. The tub will be a luxury item all over this place, so your whole bathroom will be affected. However, there are some intelligent people who have the same ideas and decided to create a special piece of furniture called Bathtub For Two designed by Teuco.

The bathtub for two is more than enough, as it is made of tempered safety glass that is powder coated and is less likely to corrode by water and will remain in good condition. The inner core of the tub is made of tempered glass on top of a steel frame, together with two totally identical shower head that are connected in this case. The only difference is that this bathtub for two is that it is extra large, as it measures 50cm H x 56cm W x 50cm D.

Any way, whether you like it too because you try to mix and match things or because you really enjoy the design and the idea, make sure to leave room for these little things in the bathroom because otherwise it’s just another big waste of space.Plastic and wood bathtubs are very much in fashion and so are benches around them. You could also choose to have a bathtub in the basement, if the possibilities are more severe.

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