White Wire Storage Cubes That You Can Use In The Kitchen

These are not the décor that would use them but rather the lack of them that make them desirable. The problem with them is that we all tend to do things that involve drastic change and a new finish or color because we don’t like the way things look or because we want to have different looks with all the changes that come with time. This problem can be easily solved with some simple items such as cubes. These are not attempt at a big change and the result is a great decorative wall that you can use as a display space for planters and other decorative items.

You can’t see the wires and it’s because we are too busy creating them and literally have to open big doors and cover the walls with them in order to obtain a functional interior décor. White Wire Storage Cube is a wall that is entirely functional and can be placed anywhere in the house. Its primary purpose is storage because it simply integrates a planter in the background of the colorful wire pieces. It is available in different colors and the dimensions vary from 23.6$ ($ 30.6 $ 52.5 $ 56.5)

They also come in different heights and shapes. The only thing we do have doubt is that the white wire storage cubes are real drawers full of color! However, I can assure you from this purchase that you bring an elegant item to decorate your home. If you are interested you can find out more on the designer’s web site.

White Wire Storage Cubes That You Can Use In The Kitchen Photo 3

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